Business Building Blocks (BBB)

image It’s been awhile, I know, but I’ve been focused and doing lots of personal development. I may have mentioned that I have more than one business venture I’m exploring. I like the idea of having multiple streams of income. Yes I’m aware that it’s a far better practice to focus on one thing until it is successful then move on to the next big idea. But hey a few opportunities presented themselves at once and I was like a kid in the candy store.  So one of the businesses is a fashion stylist with Keaton Row.  Pretty self explanatory, the great thing is there is no fee for the clients they simply pay for what they purchase.  Seems like a no brainer right. One of my building blocks I’ve implemented was creating lookbooks.  I have a ton, I actually enjoy putting clothes together to create a nice outfit. Then I shared it to my social networks.  I got a ton of hits and likes but no buys.  What gives?  Naturally after 15 shared look books a girl gets discouraged.  I tried a new angle, I scoured through my Facebook friends, picked one I communicate with, looked through her pictures to get an idea of her style and I made a look or a complete lookbook with items I thought she would like.  I sent her a message in her inbox (I did this with a few women) with a link to the look book, some details about what I do and why I chose them to send the look book to.  Sounds like a good idea right? Maybe it is maybe it’s not but they each read the message, some looked at the look book, none responded with a yay or nay. Simply ignored my message completely.  Mhm I’m not sure why exactly.  If I could get paid to be a mind reader. So attempt and no success per se, but I will keep using that method. I have hundreds of friends on FB. Check here for BBB part 2 about my attempt at getting a stylist on my team instead of a client.  And click here for my attempt at getting a lead for the real estate investing business I’m building.


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